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Photo: International Justice Mission   Beauty is Freedom.  Freedom is Beauty. On her base, i [ ... ]


Has Science Discovered God?     Click to watch this FASCINATING, MIND-BLOGGING video with breathtaking images and you learn science in the process!   Read transcript       * * *               Under God? The Role of Religion [ ... ]


Youth Leadership Challenge TV Program


Youth Leadership Challenge (YLC) is an educational program to promote leadership among young people, and the TV show is produced to encourage youth audience to become more responsible, act responsibly, generate initiatives, and involve in and improve their community service through working with local authority.

Theary Seng interviewing candidate for Youth Leadership Challenge 5th Season, January 2009

Theary's BLOG

Lady Delilah, her pups Samson, Jezebel, Napoleon; European Parliament resolution on Cambodia

We were 9 (27 Oct. 2015)
  Lady Delilah and her 9 puppies breathing their first breath in the early morning of 27 Oct. 2015

Now, we are 3 (30 Nov. 2015)       Meet Samson  

His puppy sister Jezebel
And their puppy bro [ ... ]

Platonic love, Book V of Plato's REPUBLIC; Punctuation is KEY to development

Reading together
Plato's The Republic     Plato on Women and Children in the dialogue of Socrates

  What is "Platonic" love?   Platonic describes a relationship that is purely spiritual and not physical. If a guy and a girl hang out all t [ ... ]


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