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Photo: International Justice Mission   Beauty is Freedom.  Freedom is Beauty. On her base, i [ ... ]


Has Science Discovered God?     Click to watch this FASCINATING, MIND-BLOGGING video with breathtaking images and you learn science in the process!   Read transcript       * * *               Under God? The Role of Religion [ ... ]




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Imago Dei

My new Vietnamese sister who loves Jesus, Huyen (Teresa) Nguyen on her way to England to do her Masters in Education (English), one year of formal instruction, one year of working. She heard I was heading to Chicago and asked whether I am going there to get  [ ... ]

Happy Punctuation Day; Agustine's Rule for Punctuation; E.g. of Unclarity of Khmer Writing; Cognitive Miser Theory; ឲ្យ v. អោយ; Tradition; សូម and សុំ; Punctuation is the KEY to Development

  September 24 Happy (US) National Punctuation Day!       St. Augustine of Hippo: Rule for Removing Ambiguity by Attending to Punctuation   This excerpt from Book III is taken from his larger work ON CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE, written in Latin. It [ ... ]


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