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  (info gleaned from Wikipedia; closely related to child development)
Pedagogy is the science and art of education, specifically the teaching of children. Whereas the teaching of adults is considered androgogy  [ ... ]


Theary Seng's Family Tree

Theary Seng with family at Visal Hok and Abraham Chuang's wedding.  Southern California, 2005.

Marge and Wally Boelkins, Hidden Ridge, MI
The loveliest, godliest couple whom I called "godparents", how they lavished love and generosity upon me - Marge and Wally Boelkins, here at their Hidden Ridge estate (see, A Love Story).  A few days after Dream of Darfur with Mia Farrow event at Tuol Sleng and a brief visit to Siem Reap with the delegation (where we were shocked to read in the Bangkok Post (!) of the government accusing Mia and me of scaling the Tuol Sleng walls and attempting to break in! - a pathetic attempt to clean up the public relations mess in our favor), Marge passed away among all her children and grandchildren in Michigan and I immediately booked the next flight to attend the funeral; but the unfortunate sequencing of events had everyone thinking I left for security reasons.

Theary Seng, Nan, An, Jim and Milly Pringle, 21 Feb. 2011
Theary Seng with great-uncle/aunt An and Nan Seng (from Paris) and great friends Jim and Milly Pringle, 21 Feb. 2011.

  • Family


    Theary Seng, brothers and Wally at Donald and Heidi Hok's wedding (Southern California)
    Theary Seng with brothers Mardi, Sina, Lundi, nephews Samuel, Gabriel, Jared, Uncle Eng and godfather Wally Boelkins at cousin Donald Hok and Heidi Carlos' wedding in southern California, Aug. 2008.

    Emma Chuang
    Dancing with my beautiful niece Saphira Seng visiting from California (Phnom Penh, Dec. 2009).  "Fifa, this fruit is for you - it's from Hawaii" - cousin Emma Chuang to Saphira whose dad is doing medical (psychiatry) residency in Hawaii (Irvine, CA, summer 2010)

    Entrepreneurial brother Sina (of Conceptual Site Furnishings, Inc.) and his family visited by California family, the Hoks and the Chuangs (Michigan, March 2010).

    Lily Seng, Helen and Wally Boelkins (Grand Rapids, 7 Jan. 2011)
    Wally and Helen Boelkins looking at their present made by Lily Seng (Michigan, 7 Jan. 2011)

    Silly crazies!  My brother, my nephews and nieces (Michigan, Sept. 2013)

  • Friends


    Boelkins daughters and Theary Seng, 9 Jan. 2011
    Soul sisters: Boelkins daughters (Jan, Chris, Ann, Kathy, Marla, Christine, Theary Seng), 9 Jan. 2011

    Loung Ung and Theary Seng at Elephant Bar (Phnom Penh, December 2009)
    Author/activist Loung Ung and husband Mark, Daravuth Seng, Jenny Bombasaro-Brady, and Theary Seng at The Elephant Bar (Phnom Penh, Dec. 2009).

    Theary Seng, Marilee Pierce Dunker, Robyn Pierce Women of Vision, March 2010
    Theary Seng with soul sisters:  daughters of Bob and Lorraine Pierce (founders of World Vision and Samaritan's Purse) Marilee Pierce Dunker (author of Man of Vision), Robyn Pierce Ruesga; Kristina Sachs (Women of Vision, Wash. DC, March 2010)

    Theary Seng with Sybil, Kate and Indrajit Ponnambalam, Easter Service Central Park, April 2010
    Theary Seng with dear friends from Georgetown days (18 yrs ago!) - the Ponnambalams (Indrajit, Kate, Sybil) at their Central Presbyterian Church on Park Ave. for Easter service, 4 April 2010.


    Marie-Danielle Dal Molin, Lili Sisombat, husband, Rithy Panh over for dinner, 3 Sept. 2010
    Painter Danielle Dal-Molin (also a great friend of Cambodia at the EU), Lili Sisombat and husband Mssr. Panh, next to his brother cinematographer Rithy Panh (Phnom Penh, 3 Sept. 2010)

    Sam Rainsy, praCh, uncle Eng, Theary in Long Beach, 25 March 2012

    My favorite people: democratic opposition leader Sam Rainsy, rapper/filmmaker praCh, uncle Eng, Dr. Phalkun Tan and me in Long Beach, Sunday, 25 March 2012

    Theary Seng with Mu Sochua in her elegant home, all wrapped up in signature Khmer silk kramas (7 July 2010)
    A visit with a hero (Theary Seng with outspoken SRP Parliamentarian Madam MU Sochua at her elegant home, both in signature Khmer silk kramas, Phnom Penh, 7 July 2010)

    The beautiful family of Udo, Judith, darling Karl hosting my dedicated assistant at Judith's parents home in Berlin, Christmas Day 2011



Theary's BLOG

Pen Sovan's Memoir, K5 Plan; Ieng Thirith Dies; Law of Jungle Symposium; HRRC in Bali; Arrest warrant for opposition Senator, friend Hong Sok Huor; What do the Passover and K-5 Plan have in common?

Short Autobiography by Pen Sovan "Opposition to K5 Plan"     "The idea to establish the K5 Plan came directly from Vietnam. At seven in the morning of 27 March 1981, Mr. Le Duc Tho ឡេ ឌឹកថ, a member of the Central Politburo of the Vietname [ ... ]

Examples of Unclarity of Khmer Writing; Cognitive Miser Theory; ឲ្យ v. អោយ; Tradition; សូម and សុំ; Punctuation is the KEY to Development

We, Cambodians, need to move from baby food to solid food, in our Khmer language development, which will allow for more meaty content. More and proper punctuation is the PRINCIPLE OF FIRST THINGS, the NECESSARY PRE-CONDITION to BASIC education, ACCESS to  [ ... ]


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